Brussels: a hell of a town

so we spent today exploring Brussels.

Coming in last night, I noticed a lot of homeless sleeping in the train stations.

It seemed like there was just endless stuff to see. We walked over ten miles.

the grand place was impressive. The whole square is kind of guilds and the town hall building has a huge ornate spire and statues all over it. That stuff dates to 1690 ish

The churches are hue and impressive and kind of blur together.we only went inside one. Again, very impressive.

he pissing boy is fun. Shows a sense of humor on everyone’s part. We showed up for some kind of Ethiopian celebration thing. The boy was dressed up and Ethiopian dancers were dancing to music.

i don’t know why there as graffiti, shitty graffiti on this really awesome domed building on top of the hill. It seemed like a shame.

Butotherise there was some really awesome graffiti all over the city.

We went to a sewer museum and walked in the operating sewer of Brussels. It smelled like shit. We were kin of confused by people living in tent outside of most of the doors of the museum blocking it off. The museum was in these somewhat small fancy columns stone buildings.

we had vol au vent (chicken pot pie kind of)  and carbonnade (beef stew) for linner. It was a touch pricey but very good.

then we got some touristy waffles for desert.

one of the top cities so far.

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Copenhagen: Babies Bikes and Smorresbrod

After a long night we arrived here in Copenhagen on Sunday.

We’re staying at matt’s friend’s place, Sam. He is very nice to do so, since we are disgusting animals.

The sink here has been filling up with the upstairs neighbors dirty water so draining it into the toilet has been a theme.

The first day, Matt arranged all the travel. Buses places trains etc. That really took all day. I feel kind of bad about being a hanger on piece of crap who isn’t helping with the planning really.

The second day we walked all over town. Saw the harbor, Christiana, the weird commune thing in a park where they sell weed and/or declared themselves independent from Denmark? Saw Bohrs birthplace and the institute where he worked. Pretty cool. Also saw the requisite mermaid statue and a star shaped fort.

We went to aamans, a pretty fancy place, for some smorresbrod, the danish thing. It’s various things placed on a piece of rye bread. It’s good. I got boring choices, pig ,beef, fish, while Matt went for more exotic liver, steak tartare, and pickled herring.

I stopped fighting my coffee urges on day 3 in the museum Louisiana which was awesome. The exhibit on William Kentridge was particularly cool. He loves megaphones. The other main exhibit on Tal R, some danish artist, was more underwhelming.  I’m just a crass bore so whatever. The view of the sea was great. Also just generally the museum looked good. The building and grounds and scattered sculpture of shape.

after another chill day,we’re off to Brussels.



Euro trip Start

So I took a mega bus to JFK on June 1. Penn Station at rush hour was a vision of Hell. I watched some Lenny Suss on the ride. Damn, that guy knows what’s up. Then an all nighter to Stockholm and arrived around 2. I’m not built for planes. Is anybody? Tiny little things? It makes my hips feel like their falling out of their sockets and my feet spasm.

I exude a gelatin so that I can crawl over the knife.

Swedes have bird noises in their elevators instead of Muzak at least in that one elevator to the Atlanta Express. That’s nice.

We ordered something in Swedish. Everybody here speaks English basically so we didn’t have to. Matt in a happy accident ate fish eggs. I got some kind of herring.

We eventually got some meatballs. They were ok. Kind of like round Salisbury steak? They were good because it was a nice place.

we also saw this outdoor concert and the Swedish Bruce Springsteen.

Went to the Nobel museum. Saw that kosterlitz thouless plot in the case like I saw at the colloquia. Also went to the fotogratiska or something. It was a cool photography museum with an exhibit “like a horse”. Highlights include the bowcoy, the skinned horse face and the guilded poop.

we also were outside the abba museum and saw the YouTube stars of Sweden walk a red carpet. Gold tubes 2017 Woooooooooooo!

it turned out that we arrived the weekend of the Stockholm marathon. And we hadn’t pre booked a hostel, probably because when we were doing our big planning session we thought we might be staying with Matt’s family and then never thought about it again. We lucked out to get a room that cancelled the first night. The second night we kind of gave up on and resigned ourselves to an all nighter on the streets of Stockholm

Max burger as pretty good. Stayed there’s most of the night when the clubs wouldn’t let our schlubby selves in.

The swedes do not let you lie down in train stations. Cops woke me up twice.

Slept on the train toCopenhagen on Sunday morning and here we are.img_0285 img_0286 img_0287 img_0289 img_0291 img_0292 img_0294 img_0296 img_0298 img_0299 img_0301 img_0302 img_0303img_0301img_0298img_0287img_0285img_0299